How to Get Gems on Monster Legends

In this blog article, the author talks about how to get gems on Monster Legends without paying for them. The first step is to make sure you are connected to your Facebook account in order to receive a code. After you have received the code, create an email that has the word “gems” in it and then type this email address into your Facebook messenger app. When you receive a message from Monster Legends, click on the link inside the message and enter your email into the field provided. You’ll then be able to get 10 gems!

What is Monster Legends

Monster Legends is an online game that requires players to collect gems in order to progress. Gems can be collected by completing quests, defeating bosses, and raiding dungeons. Players can also purchase gems with real money.

Monster Legends is an addicting game that has players collecting different types of gems to help them progress in the game. This guide will teach you how to get gems in Monster Legends so that you can progress faster and become the best player possible.

There are a few ways to get gems in Monster Legends. The first way is to win battles. If you win a battle, you will earn coins which can be used to purchase items in the shop. The second way to earn gems is by completing quests. Completing quests will give you rewards such as gem boxes which can contain multiple types of gems. The last way to earn gems is by exchanging tokens for gems at the exchange machine.

How to Get Gems on Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a free to play game that allows players to collect gems to upgrade their characters. Gems are earned through playing the game, as well as through purchases made in the game’s store.

The gem store offers a variety of cosmetic items, such as new character skins and hats, that can be used to enhance the look of your character. The store also sells boosts, which give players an advantage in the game.

If you’re looking for ways to rack up gems on Monster Legends, we’ve got a few tips for you!

1. Play together with friends. The more players you have in your party, the more rewards you can earn.

2. Complete challenges and quests. These offer big rewards, so be sure to take them on when they come up!

3. Win gems in battle. If you can defeat enemies and collect their gems, you can turn those profits into rewards of your own.

4. Trade cards with other players. You never know – someone might have a gem card that you need!

Pros and Cons of Playing Monster Legends

Monster Legends is one of the newer mobile games on the market, and it’s quickly gaining a following. However, like most mobile games, there are pros and cons to playing it. Here are the pros and cons of playing Monster Legends:

Pros of Playing Monster Legends

1. There are a lot of different monsters to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that you love playing as.

2. The game is very challenging, but that also makes it fun. You never know what kind of strategy you’ll need to employ in order to win.

3. The graphics are well done, and the game runs smoothly on most devices.

4. There are a lot of different bonus items available for purchase in the game, which can help you customize your character even more.

5. The game is free to play, which makes it an attractive option for people who want to try out a new mobile game without spending too much money upfront.

There are several pros and cons to playing Monster Legends. On the pro side, the game is very addictive and fun to play. Players can spend hours battling monsters and leveling up their characters. The graphics are also well done, making the game look realistic.

However, there are also some drawbacks to playing Monster Legends. First of all, the game is quite expensive in terms of in-game currency (gems). Players need to spend a lot of money in order to progress quickly through the game. Additionally, there is no real tutorial or guide available for new players, so it can be difficult to understand how to play the game properly.

Overall, Monster Legends is an enjoyable game that provides players with hours of entertainment. However, new players may find it difficult to get started due to the lack of guidance available

Where You Can Get a Gem or Coin Package

If you’re looking to add some gems or coins to your Monster Legends account, there are a few places you can go.

Gem Packages:

The first place to check is the gem packages. These offer a set amount of gems for a fixed price, and can be purchased in the store.


The next place to look is the coins. These can be earned through playing the game, or purchased with real money. You can also find them in bundles, which offer more coins for a fixed price.

If you’re looking to add some new gems and coins to your Monster Legends collection, there are a few places where you can find packages fitting your needs.

Gemworld is one option for players who want a wide variety of gems, as they offer both rare and common gems in their packs. They also offer coin bundles, which come with a set amount of coins.

Another place to look for gem and coin packs is the Gem Shop on the forums. This is an area where players can sell their collected gems and coins, so be sure to check it regularly if you’re interested in picking up a package!


In this guide, we are going to show you how to get gems on Monster Legends. We will start by telling you what gems are and then go over the different ways in which you can collect them. After that, we will give you a few tips on how to increase your chances of getting these valuable treasures. Finally, we will tell you where to find the best gem-rich monsters in Monster Legends. So whether you want to become a master collector or just want some helpful tips on how to maximize your rewards from playing the game, read on!

If you’re looking to get some gems on Monster Legends, you’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to play the game like a pro and rack up tons of rewards. From farming resources to crafting powerful gear, there’s a lot you can do in Monster Legends to get the upper hand and earn some gems. So be sure to read through this guide and reap the benefits for yourself!


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