Weird Random Pictures for Happy Tuesday Morning

Weird random pictures for Happy Tuesday Morning. These images were posted on social media to make people happy, but depending on how you feel about them you might like them or not.

What makes a picture weird?

Weird Random Pictures for Happy Tuesday Morning

  1. This woman was photobombing her own photo!
  2. This dog is posing with a strange animal!
  3. This person is holding a very unusual looking plant!
  4. This child is giving an epic peace sign!
  5. This person is wearing an interesting hat!

Reasons why people should view the blog

1) For those who are looking for a little lighthearted relief during the week.
2) For those who enjoy weird and random pictures.
3) For anyone who wants to learn more about the author.

Why Tuesday morning?

Well, actually it’s not weird at all. Tuesday morning is simply a good time to get things done because people are usually more productive then. Plus, it’s the first day of the week, so you have to start off on the right foot. Here are some weird random pictures for you to enjoy!

Can we expect more posts in the future?

Yes! I plan to post on a daily basis during the school year, and every other week during the summer. So keep an eye out!

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