Why Should Businesses Consider Every Door Direct Mail Service?

Several small organizations utilize Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM to promote their businesses in the local communities. EDDM is offered by the Postal Service Department of the United States. EDDM services can easily market themselves to every door of the neighborhood. Furthermore, it also facilitates the local-based SMEs to reach target customers using carrier routes in particular areas and deliver advertisement materials.

Targeted advertising method

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a target-based advertising method that allows small-scale organizations to market without going beyond their budget. The best part about EDDM is that the printed postal advertisement materials are accessible at affordable rates. It is important to ensure that the materials used for advertisements must comply with the postcard size requirements of EDDM to seek maximum benefits.

Local marketing

The motive of EDDM services is to market the business in the local area without the need for any mailing list. In other marketing techniques, businesses are mandated to buy mailing lists containing the contact information and addresses of the customers residing in the locality. EDDM functions via a mail carrier that is responsible for delivering the required marketing materials to every house along the particular mailing route. This methodology eliminates the requirement for customers’ addresses.

EDDM services enable small-scale businesses to focus on creating and designing their advertising content while the United States Postal Services distributes them to the entire locality. The task of SMEs is to identify the carrier routes they are targeting, and thereby planning a date to deliver the materials to the targeted consumers.

No postal limitations

When a business targets mailing under the limit of 5000, it doesn’t require any postal permit purchase. The United States Postal Services provides the small-scale business an EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail permit that gets included in the direct mail marketing content. This permit assures that EDDM postcards are mailed independently from the mass postal mailings. Henceforth, it can be beneficial to save time and expense significantly.

Enjoying discounts

Businesses that utilize EDDM marketing services can offer discounts directly to their customers. Attractive discounts play a key role in developing customer loyalty and also enticing new customers. The local businesses like salons and grocery stores, etc., can render coupons to customers so that they visit the business/store again and redeem the coupons. Discounts encourage people to buy items that they might not have otherwise considered.

Easily affordable

For small-scale businesses that function on a limited budget, EDDM marketing is a cost-effective, local advertising method. The SMEs are simply required to design and develop eye-catching, colorful postcards and print them. EDDM services aid businesses in distributing marketing content at low rates. Since the advertising is targeted in the local communities and neighborhoods, long-distance mailing expenses can be eliminated.


Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM services enable businesses to target customers within a specific locality. The best part is that the advertising materials are delivered straight to the potential customers. Several small-scale organizations are utilizing the EDDM marketing technique to promote their businesses in the local market.

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