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The restaurant industry employs close to 10 million people.

The restaurant industry employs close to 10 million people. But how many of these people understand the different types of menus?

Menus are often something we take for granted in our visits to restaurants. However, a restaurant with the best menus is able to create a better experience for its customers.

If you want to have the best menus, you’re going to have to understand the different kinds.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the different kinds of menus.

Static Menu

The static menu is the “standard” type of menu that you can find at most restaurants. They’re often divided up into the different types of food and drinks people can order at different times of the day. Each item is individually priced, and each of the menu options are served year-round.

A static menu can also be supplemented by “specials” that change every day. These are usually not written down on any menu and are memorized by the servers before they come to the table.

Cycle Menu

A cycle menu is a slightly more upscale sort of menu that changes over a certain amount of time. Certain dishes will be available for a certain amount of time, and then will be “swapped out”. This can create buzz, as people get excited when they’re able to order their favorite meals again.

A restaurant should make sure they always have each of their menus available, to be ready for the next season.

A La Carte

An a la carte menu is an even more type of upscale menu that changes on a daily basis. An a la carte menu is constantly changing and works best for a restaurant with a famous and talented chef who is able to change courses at a moment’s notice.

If you’re running a business with an a la carte menu, you’re going to need to be able to constantly print out menus. Adobe offers a service that allows one to create a great menu template quickly and easily.

Prix Fixe Menu

A prix fixe menu is a risky sort of menu. It takes away a certain amount of agency from the restaurant-goer. However, a good enough restaurant can capitalize on this and provide a memorable experience to their customers.

Prix fixe menus are set at one price and come with an appetizer and dessert of choice — but the main course is picked by the chef.

Understand the Types of Menus

Different types of restaurants will benefit from different types of menus. Conduct research into how different sorts of restaurants handle their menus, and you’ll better understand which types of menus work for you.

Make sure that you’re able to constantly update your menus, and produce new menus efficiently if you need to. Invest in a great menu template service to streamline this process.

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