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How to Create Animated Videos Which Can Promote Corporate Diversity & Inclusion?

There’s a direct correlation between workplace diversity and financial outperformance, says McKinsey in their 2020 report. As Mckinsey puts it, they have observed a significantly rapid progress in corporate performance. Although, if you put it in theory, we happen to observe a collective belief that diversity has some astounding impact on the progress of businesses, there still exists a setback where company owners have found it hard to institutionalize this concept. 

There’s no doubt about it that corporations want to promote the idea of diversity and inclusion among their peers, so they can eventually bring everyone on the same page. And while there are plenty of ways of doing it, animation videos are at the core of convincing the audience in general. It helps motivate them to take necessary actions. It’s flexible and diverse, and it’s basically a method that makes sense. Are you wondering how to create animated videos to promote diversity & inclusion? 

Well here’s just one of the many things you must pay attention to in order to promote the concept. 

You Can Promote Diversity with Your Characters 

When you’re creating an animation for your company, every character that you introduce has his or her own individual identity. That identity can easily be moulded in ways that you think can best serve your purpose. Make sure to give them authentic backstory, appearance, manner of gesturing, speech, social interaction patterns and more. By giving them different role dynamics, you will easily be able to promote the perfect diversity to your target audience through these characters. They will mimic the values you want to promote on a subconscious level winning your peers on why diversity & inclusion is necessary for your company. So make sure to promote these values & objectives in the most effective manner. 

Focus on the Appearance of Your Characters

One of the things that will definitely entice your audience and keep them hooked is the appearance. When you’re designing your characters make sure to select a variety of different skin tones and facial features so they can show that people belonging to different ethnic backgrounds can co exist. An interesting way of dictating this value will be to show a black man easily interacting with white people and Asians collecting data and presenting them in board meetings. Such gestures will have a positive impact among CEOs and CTOs making them feel more convinced that a cultural aspect can hold a positive sentiment especially on an organizational level. It can inspire them to take action by changing the norms. 

Simplify Your Script 

The easier it is, the more effective it becomes. When you’re preparing a script for your animation, make sure to simplify the script as much as possible. By simplifying the script, you can easily promote the message to a wider audience without putting them through the unnecessary hassles. For instance, having too much slang or colloquialism to your script will easily alienate the audience from the central points. If you opt for a more complex script, it will become harder for the non native speakers to understand the messaging behind the whole thing. After all, you don’t want the underlying message to be lost amidst the confusions. So simplify the script as much as possible making it easier for the audience to absorb. 

They Are Flexible & Scalable 

One of the best things about incorporating an animated video to promote diversity and inclusion is its capability to engage the audience. Animation videos are flexible which makes them a great asset to those who want to promote diversity and inclusion. They are also scalable so let’s just say you have invested your budget in putting together an animation video which is available in HD quality. You can easily scale that video up to 4k quality without breaking a sweat. All thanks to the current technologies that we have access to. Such accessibilities make animation videos quite the blessing for businesses. 

Don’t like a character or a shape in your animation? Want to remove the illustration? Well you have the absolute liberty to do so. Just talk to your animator and changes will be made instantly. 

Tell a Story

Irrespective of what ethnic background they belong to, everyone has an interesting story to tell. An animated video can be a marvelous platform to tell your story to the corporate world. The right story will leave a positive impact on the target audience convincing them that they are on the right track. And somewhere down the line, it will also show that people are valued as individuals broadening their scope. 

So these are some of the points which I believe are equally important to address especially, when you’re planning to promote diversity in your business through animation video production. 

Did you find our article helpful? Feel free to discuss what you think may work for diversity.

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