What Are the Types of Cremation Services Available?

What Are the Types of Cremation Services Available?

When  a sudden death occurs in a family, it can be confusing which cremation services Washington would be the right choice. Many may never want to think of how they would like cremated, whereas some have specific details lined up in their checklist. If one belongs to the latter group, this article is meant for them. 

Types of Cremation Services

The in-ground burial cost has been on the rise exponentially and is a significant factor in cremation’s growing popularity. Furthermore, many religions and cultures have become more accepting of cremation, and geographical boundaries no longer bind society. Even when it appears that everybody else is being cremated, the decision is not always simple. It’s a profoundly personal choice influenced by cultural and religious beliefs, as well as financial situations.

Cremation Only Service

Direct cremation is a popular choice among families whose loved ones wanted to be cremated. Cremation with all elements prepared to legal requirements, monitored by the cremation specialist and registered funeral directors, is included in this simple cremation process.

Basic Cremation Service

Basic cremation services Washington will handle all elements of the funeral if the loved one wishes to be cremated without a service at a funeral home or place of worship. This is a popular choice for people who would desire a private memorial service.

Cremation Service with Add-ons

Cremation service has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Some people want to keep the funeral process simple by not utilizing a casket or burying their loved ones in a cemetery. In contrast, others prefer to be ecologically responsible by placing their cremated ashes in a biodegradable urn with a seed to help grow a tree.

Whatever the reason for choosing cremation, many of the conventional features of a traditional funeral can still be included. There is a range of traditional alternatives available that can be tailored to the preferences. Some of the choices are as given below.

  • Cremation and Funeral Service

This cremation service provides cremation as an alternative to a typical funeral, which includes a celebration of the deceased’s life and the presence of the casket at a funeral chapel or one’s place of worship.

The difference between a funeral celebration and burial and one that is followed by cremation is that the body is brought to the crematory rather than the cemetery following the proceedings.

  • Cremation and memorial service

A memorial ceremony is a memorable event, similar to a funeral. The only difference is that there is nobody to speak of. One can opt to have the cremation process completed first, followed by a gathering or service in one’s place of worship or at the funeral home, where the cremated remains can be presented in the urn of one’s choice.


The choice of cremation services in Washington may be based on personal preferences, cultural or religious beliefs, or environmental responsibility. Irrespective of the reason, a cremation service is not meant only for the one that passes on. It is also for the living who shared their lives with the deceased. 

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