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Did you know about these highest paying finance sector jobs?

The modern human world is all about money and finance, and making a career in the money industry can be extremely beneficial for youngsters. However, another important factor is that the finance industry is quite versatile, and it can even give earning opportunities to an adult or an elderly person. If you know how to use your skills and you know how to play with the money figures, it is possible to make a great career in this industry.

Multiple options are available

As there are multiple types of financial products, there are also multiple types of career opportunities in the sector. You can explore and exploit them according to your expertise and calibre from your educational background. Your personality traits are also important to choose an option. Here are some of the popular and highest-paying jobs.

Become an investment banker (yearly income €83,000)

Perhaps you are aware that an investment banker can earn millions if he follows the right path. An investment banker is a person who supports companies, and government agencies raise funds in the capital market. Here is an example to explain your things in a better manner.

A company that wants to expand its business to a new location may need more funds. But due to inadequate liquidity, it needs to depend on an additional source of money. As a result, it decides to sell some of its shares and stocks in the market. An investment banker is a pivotal person to take care of this responsibility.

He/She will make an action plan on how many shares the company should offer to the market, the price, etc.  When the buyers buy the shares, the banker is the prime person to manage all the received money. Similarly, in the case of a government agency, the government may want to sell its shares to support a construction project. It may be a bridge in the country for better connectivity and development or a new metro station to serve the natives better. To gather money for that construction project, the government will release shares. The investment banker will manage all the sales and purchases of the shares for the government agency.

The point is, your career as an investment banker can be great if you keep the right amount of knowledge, skills and patience. Within 3 to 5 years of starting your career as an investment banker, you can reach a promising stage in your career.

Open a direct lending company (Yearly income €100,000 or more)

Due to the emergence of FinTech companies, financial organisations have a broader reach to the customers. They have many opportunities, and the direct lending business is one of them. Short term loans are always popular among people who struggle on various financial fronts to fulfil their requirements.

Many small loan options are available in the market that people look for desperately. They apply for it quite frequently. For example – instant doorstep loans provide the borrower with money while sitting on his couch. They are always popular, besides the doorstep services can be provided with all types of short term loans.

If you are not confident enough or if you do not have ample skills to start your own direct lending company, it is advisable to first work with an established lender. Learn the technicalities of this business, as the possibilities in this industry are vast. We all know that people are always in need of money, and loans become last-minute rescuers.

You must own complete knowledge about the products in the market and focus on the popular ones. Loan options like instant cash loans, small business loans and loans for unemployed in Irelandare quite popular. We have already seen how people struggled with their personal financial needs at the time of the pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs, and if you can provide them with a timely and relatable solution, you can also earn huge.

Work as a financial manager (yearly income €74,000)

The financial manager is a versatile profile, and you need to do multitasking to perform well in your job. It is really very important to understand your role and responsibilities. A financial manager makes and maintains the financial goals of a company.

He needs to perform various tasks such as budget management of employees in the finance department, review of financial reports, scrutiny of the outcome of Investments etc. Besides this, he also needs to study the market trends, develop financial contacts etc.

With all these responsibilities, you need to keep your company risk-free as this profile demands you to have special skills and a suitable finance degree. After all, you need to be eligible to be able to get in the notice of the recruiter. However, your experience is the actual teacher as only that can teach how to become a successful and expert financial manager. Of course, you do not get the opportunity to work with a big brand starting your career.

It is better to start with the smaller company on a small scale and attain knowledge on the basics of this job profile. It is imperative to keep adding new traits to your professional personality and stay familiar with the technology. Today we are living in the era of FinTech, and you have to be friendly with the latest financial tools. Technology makes things easier and gives speed to the procedures. A company will never keep a financial manager who is not aware of the latest technological developments in the finance industry.


The career, as mentioned earlier, options are great because they are among the highest paying options. If you work with complete focus and keep walking in the same direction, it is simple to earn in the initial years of your career. It is important not to get distracted and not change your path now and then because that disturbs the long-term goals. The recruiters never prefer a confused candidate. Set a target, choose a career aspect, follow it thoroughly, and you can surely earn.

Description: Read about the best job options in the finance sector and understand why they are promising and the job role of a particular profile. 

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