A Guide to the Different Types of Fireworks

Fireworks are a fun and colorful way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other cultural events. The United States of America is one of the largest spenders on fireworks, with US citizens spending over $2.2 billion on firecrackers, rockets, and Roman candles. If you’re preparing for an exciting celebration, knowing the best types of fireworks is essential to entertain and impress your guests.

The right fireworks options will amaze your guests and fill the night with beautiful colors and explosions. Buying fireworks is more than showing up at a store and handing over your cash. Picking out the best fireworks is part of the fun of celebrating.

Luckily, you’ve found the perfect guide for buying fireworks that will make a massive impression on the big day. Continue reading to learn about the best types of fireworks to purchase today!


Firecrackers are one of the original fireworks that people worldwide love shooting off. They’re simple and highly available, making them an excellent way to celebrate holidays and birthdays. Black Cats and Lady Fingers are two popular types of firecrackers worth considering when filling your cart with different kinds of fireworks. You can shop for these firecrackers for your next holiday.


Fountains might not provide the same entertaining explosions as firecrackers, but they offer beautiful colors and displays when you shoot them off at night. They’re a safe and affordable firework option. Most fountains release a cascade of colorful sparks that fill the night with beauty.


Sparklers are the perfect fireworks options for children since they’re colorful and relatively safe. These small sticks provide stunning sparks when lit, making them the ideal choice for creating art. Ensure the sparks don’t fall on and ignite your clothes for a fun holiday celebration.

Roman Candles

Roman candles are another popular option with consumers. A lit Roman candle will shoot off colorful balls of light that will fill the night with joy and allow you to get the most from your celebrations.

Keep Roman candles away from your children, as they’re one of the more dangerous fireworks options. It’s not uncommon to see Roman candle battles in the United States on the Fourth of July.


Rockets are the most popular type of fireworks on the market. You’ll find plenty of rocket options at fireworks stores, especially as Independence Day draws near.

Bottle rockets are affordable, and you get plenty of bang for your buck. Place one in a bottle and light the fuse to enjoy the colorful display and small explosion in the sky.

Shop for Your Favorite Types of Fireworks

Visiting your local fireworks store is the best way to pick out the best types of fireworks for your celebration. Firecrackers are small and fun options, though you should also pick out sparklers for the kids for a safe and fun party. Rockets and Roman candles are colorful and entertaining fireworks opinions that will stay within your budget.

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