How to Become a Coder in 5 Simple Steps

Did you know that there are 24.3 million software developers in the U.S.?

Coding is one of the most in-demand jobs in America right now. It's no wonder people want to learn how to become a coder. But, becoming a coder can seem overwhelming and like an impossible mountain to climb.

Not so. Learning how to code doesn't have to be challenging, especially if you follow this handy guide on how to jump into coding.

1. Understand the Basics

Understanding the basics of coding is the first and most important part of learning to code. Look for an online course or coding boot camp to get you started.

Learning the basics of coding will help you better understand how to code. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you should learn more advanced topics such as web or mobile app development.

2. Choose the Right Language to Learn

Another step to becoming a coder is to choose an appropriate computer language to learn. This can be daunting, but it is essential to consider your resources and strengths when deciding.

Beginners should research what languages are in-demand right now. They should consider which ones best align with their goals as a coder. A popular choice for first-timers is JavaScript, which is versatile and can be used to create websites and mobile applications.

3. Utilize Available Resources

Be sure to utilize available resources to become a coder. Resources like Codecademy and Code School are free online tutorials that guide beginners through various coding foundations.

Practice coding daily. One can use online platforms like CodinGame, Epplus, and TopCoder to hone their coding skills and connect with other coders online. Additionally, try to read coding-related books and blogs to gain insights into programming.

4. Consider Formal Education

Depending on the type of coding you’re interested in, you may be able to find a degree or certificate program at a college or university that caters to your skills and goals. Online coding courses, boot camps, and self-directed programs are available.

It’s essential to take the time to research what kind of curriculum and environment best suits your needs and interests.

5. Join a Coding Community

Being part of a community of coders can provide invaluable support and insight to become a programmer. It can help you stay motivated, inspired and stick to your learning schedule.

Plus, connecting with experienced coders in the industry can significantly widen your skillset and knowledge. This can help you land an internship or job, enter a hackathon or find a mentor.

To begin with, research coding boot camps, university courses, and online coding forums. When you find a suitable community or learning program that fits your needs, dive in, participate, and get involved. Ask lots of questions, read, and research independent topics. Lastly, build relationships, share your findings, and help out others.

Essential Skills to Become a Coder

Becoming a coder is not as daunting as it may first seem. With persistence, patience, and creativity, anyone can develop code and become a coder in five simple steps. Sign up for a coding course, practice, and start building projects today for an exciting career in coding.

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