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Residential Warranty Corporation: the best Builder Warranty Providers

1. Residential Warranty Corporation (RWC)

The RWC is the largest builder warranty provider in the United States. Their products cover over 1 million homes and businesses across the country. They have been providing warranties since 1994 and have grown to become the leader in their industry. They offer a variety of different types of warranties including home warranty plans, commercial warranty plans, and pool & spa warranties.

2. Home Warranty Plans

Home warranty plans are designed to protect homeowners from costly repairs and replacement costs caused by faulty workmanship or materials. These plans are offered by many companies and are often bundled together to create a comprehensive plan for homeowners. A homeowner may choose to purchase a single-family home warranty plan or a multi-unit residential warranty plan.

3. Commercial Warranty Plans

Commercial warranty plans are similar to home warranty plans, however they are specifically designed for businesses. Businesses can choose from a wide range of coverage options depending on what type of business they own. Many commercial warranty plans are designed to provide protection for both the building and its contents.

4. Pool & Spa Warranties

Pool & spa warranties are designed to protect pools and spas from damage caused by leaks and mechanical failures. Most pool & spa warranties require annual inspections and maintenance to ensure that the equipment remains safe and functional.

5. How To Choose The Best Builder Warranty Plan For You?

Choosing the right builder warranty plan for you can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider when choosing which company will best suit your needs. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

• Determine how much money you want to spend on a builder warranty plan. Do you need a basic plan or something more extensive?

• Consider the amount of time you would like to commit to maintaining your warranty. Would you prefer a long term commitment or do you want to save money now?

• Determine if you want to buy a single-family home or multi-unit residential warranty. Single-family home warranties are generally less expensive than multi-unit residential warranties.

• Determine if your property is covered under a standard builder warranty plan or a custom builder warranty plan. Standard builder warranty plans are pre-determined and cannot be customized to fit your specific needs. Custom builder warranty plans allow you to customize your coverage based on your unique situation.

6. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is a website where people can find local contractors and service professionals. Their website is designed to make finding a contractor easier than ever before. The website offers users the opportunity to search for local service providers based on location, price, reviews, and ratings. Users can also post requests for service and read customer feedback about different service providers. The website also features a section called “Get Paid” that helps users get paid for referrals they send out to friends and family members.

7. Angie’s List

Angie’s list is a website that connects consumers with businesses. Consumers can use the site to write reviews about their experiences with different businesses. Businesses can then access these reviews and decide whether or not to hire the business based on what they read. If a consumer chooses to provide a review, they must pay a fee to do so. In exchange for paying this fee, businesses will receive positive reviews about them. Reviews are only available for businesses within a certain distance from the user’s current location.

8. Yelp

Yelp is a website that enables customers to rate and review businesses located near them. The website focuses on helping its community of users find quality local businesses by providing tools that help them find information about businesses. The website is updated daily and covers topics like restaurants, hair salons, spas, dentists, and more.

9. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google that helps companies manage their online presence. A company owner uses this tool to add information about his or her business to the internet. This includes opening hours, contact information, photos, special deals, and more. The website also helps customers find nearby businesses by using maps and searching for keywords.

10. BBB Online

The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that works with the public to protect them from fraudulent and unethical businesses. The website gives visitors the chance to submit a complaint about any business which then gets reviewed by the Better Business Bureau. If the business does not comply with any resolutions given, then the Better Business Bureau will place the complaint into a database for future review. Companies may be fined if they fail to comply with the Better Business Bureau’s recommendations.

11. Citysearch

Citysearch is another website that allows users to find information about local businesses. It is known as one of the first websites to offer local business listings. Citysearch offers a subscription service that allows local businesses to advertise on the website. Citysearch also offers a free basic listing option.

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