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OSRS Hill Giant Old School RuneScape Game 

Are you looking for the OSRS hill massive lately? Yes! Then you’re in luck. Most of the time, numerous video games releases updates. Furthermore, those updates require a few strategies and hints to correctly excel via the sport. The gamers want a few type of assist to hail via the hard tiers of the sport.

One such recreation is OSRS- Old School RuneScape.

This is popularly call as 2007Scape. At present, the sport is to be had each at no cost in addition to with a subscription to play. Those who desire to play it at no cost might also additionally create a F2P account. Henceforth, they exclude from paying the club charges. 

 If you’re already a grasp at gambling OSRS, you is probably nicely aware about hill giants. But, in case, you don`t understand whatever yet, don`t stress! We have curated the info which you want to understand beforehand, that will help you convince on the earliest. 

What is OSRS hill massive?

OSRS is a online game launched lower back withinside the yr 2007. Since then, it’s far popularly referred to as 2007scape or OSRS. OSRS stands for Old School RuneScape. 

Additionally, in OSRS hill massive are the giants which might be observed in the sport across the RuneScape. Mostly, those hill giants are placed someplace in the intense south of Edgeville Dungeon. 

Barbarian Village (North-East) and Cooks` Guild (West) are some strategies to make the doorway to the above-noted dungeons if handiest the participant has a Brass key.

When a participant is gambling this recreation at no cost, the dungeons are overly crowded. These humans acquire right here in extra numbers, to bury the huge bones beneath dungeons. In addition, the burying is part of their praying experience.

In contrast, if you have a club subscription, you’ll discover fewer humans on the dungeons. As the paid recreation presents money-making options for the gamers. 

In degree 17- degree 18 there are  hill massive 2007 present. But, it isn`t without difficulty handy and in addition, gamers are afraid to go to those places. This is because of the truth of the presence of participant killers on this region. These participant killers make the area very essential nicely as it’s far a distance farfar from the alternative financial institution`s places. 

The hill massive desolate tract has one and handiest financial institution closest to this area. Furthermore, this closest financial institution is in Edgeville. 

Also, in case you are a participant, at a degree under degree fifty seven, you want to be more cautious. As those hill massive clubs, OSRS is extraordinarily competitive for gamers under degree fifty seven.

What are the numerous places in OSRS hill giants?

There are numerous places handy for the participant to explore. These places are as follows: 

Edgeville Dungeon,

South-west of Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is barely north-west of the nicely, 

North of the Observatory,

Taverley Dungeon,

Tree Gnome Village,

Catacombs of Kourend,

Graveyard of Heroes (North-west), and


South-east of the Black salamander Hunter area,

Lava Maze, and

Deep Wilderness Dungeon.

How tall are OSRS hill giants?

Hill giants are round sixteen toes in peak. Also, some adult males may be as much as 18 toes in peak as nicely. 

Where to farm OSRS hill massive?

If you’re looking for the solution to wherein you can discover OSRS hill massive? Then study this to understand it. 

These are six specific places to farm hill giants or wherein hill massive drops. These are as follows: 

Varrock desolate tract- This Hill Giants spot in Varrock wild is whatever however an amazing spot to chase them, seeing that revenants are right here, and it`s a protracted manner from a financial institution. It`s on tiers sixteen-19 wild.

Wilderness Fire Giant Dungeon- Another spot Hill Giants are observed is withinside the Wilderness Fire Giant Dungeon. It is located withinside the profound wild, on degree 52. It is only for people.

Tree Gnome Village- The spot in the Tree Gnome Village Maze isn`t applied plenty for killing Hill Giants. It is for the maximum element near the bottom part of the labyrinth. This spot is only for people.

Tree Gnome Stronghold (southwest) – The spot southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold isn`t plenty beneficial via way of means of the equal token. It`s extraordinarily separate and it’s far only for people.

Taverley Dungeon- Another spot Hill Giants are observed is withinside the Taverley jail, south of Taverley. There are severa different higher-evened out beasts withinside the Taverley jail, so be careful. This spot is only for people.

Edgeville Dungeon- Perhaps the maximum famous spots people visit kill Hill Giants is withinside the Edgeville Dungeon. To arrive, first visit Edgeville. In the shape with the 2 Yew trees, there have to be a hidden front near via way of means of, near a very last resting place.

Which Hill Giant degree calls for to kill giants?

The vintage faculty Runescape hill giants are smooth to slay. But, it isn`t so smooth for each participant. One desires to be in degree 28 or above. Otherwise, the sport can show to be a hard one for you. Also, this can depart you in huge trouble. 

 Go down this stepping stool and observe the manner to the room with a Brass Key respawn in it. That room hundreds up with degree 24 Zombies in the direction of the south of the jail. This key allows you to go into the Edgeville jail an trade manner, west of Varrock. This manner is easier to get to the Hill Giants. 

At the factor while you pass up the stepping stool, you ought to reveal up in a bit cottage, which you could simply get in or out of via way of means of making use of the Brass Key with the manner to open it. 

 The northern part of the Edgeville Dungeon is people because it have been for hill massive drop table.

Are the Hill Giants competitive in nature?

Yes! When you’re under degree fifty seven in the sport, those giants show to be manner too competitive for you. 


This become all approximately the OSRS recreation. Additionally, we’ve got noted the distinct whereabouts of the hill giants. So, what are you ready for? Get the desired information to slay the giants correctly. Moreover, to hail via the OSRS.

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