Deciding Between Floor Standing and Bookshelf Speakers

A home theatre system needs quite some components. Talking of which a stereo receiver, a projector and even a TV with a pair speaker are important. Talking about the speakers for home theatre, well they are categorized into two types. The first one would be the Floor standing which is quite tall and sits on the ground directly. The other one is the bookshelf. It is quite small and can be placed either on a stand or shelf as well. The audiophile bookshelf speaker from ELAC is quite a trending one in the market for its incredible features. But before making a choice, it is important to have some clarity on the differences between the two types.

Making the right choice: Know the difference:

Just the way audiophile bookshelf speakers from ELAC are trending in the market, there are some other options in the floor-standing as well. Both these types have their own merits and are known for a specific feature. One thing is common and that is the style that can work the best only in a certain scenario.

Know about the Floor-standing Speakers

Floor-standing Speakers are also popular as the tower speakers are usually three feet or taller and can go up to seven inches. The speakers are said to be either two, three or four ways. This is just the number of speaker drivers that can handle different frequencies of the audio. Even if it may be quite hard to generalize the 4-way speaker, people usually consider opting for the 2-way speaker. If the speaker is rightly designed then maybe more than one speaker could let the speaker designer have a better component even for the small frequencies range.

Know about the Bookshelf Speakers

As the name suggests, such speakers are small and compact. They are designed to be compact enough to fit even on the bookshelf. It is quite large and has a two-way speaker concept. This type of speaker is known for better aspects in terms of sonic experience over the floor standing option. The bookshelf speaker can stand out the best when played around in the room. It is a wise decision to use it with a good subwoofer to enjoy a better speaker experience. It also offers better flexibility for those who often use such theater speakers on a regular basis.

Sizes can vary

The very quick difference between the pair of a bookshelf and the floor-standing speaker is the size. The floor standers usually are three feet tall. In the case of the bookshelf, such speakers are roughly one foot tall. Since it is quite large, such a speaker is likely to have ample drivers too. This way, it is possible for the speaker to pass on some frequencies such as midrange or bass to the tailor made driver for such sounds. The drivers in the case of the floor-standing speaker are at the top side. This is designed in a manner so it could be close to the ear level when the person sits.


Both the concepts are at their best. The options like audiophile bookshelf speakers from ELAC are incredible and cost-saving. It is however better to compare and then make the choice so the investment doesn’t go in vain.

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