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How to Successfully Host Virtual Hiring Events?

With the emergence and rise in Coronavirus cases, the whole world has undergone a situation that it had never seen before. Yes, it’s the lockdown. However, one cannot sit indoors and do nothing for months. The show must go on. To keep the office work going, people have taken to working remotely. One of the most effective ways of working from home is by participating in virtual hiring events.

What is a virtual hiring event?

Also known as virtual career fairs, a virtual hiring event is an online event where organization recruiters recruit people to enhance the efficiency of a company. In short, virtual hiring events allow job-seekers to connect with the recruiters, present themselves and enter into professional life. In addition, this is also an excellent opportunity for the hiring organizations as they get a chance to show their company in front of numerous prospective employers.

Steps to organize virtual hiring events

Given below are some of the effective tips which if one follows, will surely help one to host virtual hiring events seamlessly:

1.      Choose a suitable online platform

First and foremost, the right platform for hosting the virtual hiring events must be chosen. Amidst several online platforms, selecting the one that suits your needs is desirable. This is mainly dependent on the goals of the event. If the event includes fewer people, organizing virtual meetings in Zoom or Google Meet may suffice.

2.      Have a proper plan

Even if it is a virtual hiring event, everyone should consider it seriously. Having a solid plan for a virtual hiring event is a must, as many high professionals will be involved in the event. It is better to plan everything and then start executing it than having no plans and messing everything right from the start. Plan out how prospective employees will be interviewed. If needed, a questionnaire can also be prepared for the interviewers. 

3.      Set a budget for the event

Although virtual hiring events are cost-effective, having a good marketing strategy will induce some costs. If the event is not promoted well, people will never know about it, thereby failing to join the virtual hiring event. To make people aware of the vacancy and hiring, fix a budget. Check out the cost of the platform used and the costs involved for the promotional purpose.

4.      Think about the looks

Creating a customized virtual booth will help one to include the essential factors that one would prefer having. Be it a collaboration with another company or a company hiring singularly, the whole event should look professional.

5.      Take somebody’s help if needed

As the name suggests, virtual hiring events are very different from those conducted in person. Those who are not prepared or do not know about hosting virtual hiring events can get professionals’ help.

6.      Start preparing beforehand

The virtual hiring events are to be taken seriously. Hence, none can manage it at the last minute. Therefore, the organization of the virtual hiring event demands proper planning and promotion. Also, promoting the event takes considerable time. So, it is suggested that if one is planning to host a virtual hiring event, one should begin at least two months before the event.

7.      Develop a strategy to market the event

For promoting a virtual hiring event, at least one month is required. However, marketing the event depends majorly on its size. For example, if the virtual hiring event is bigger, promoting and marketing will take more time than a smaller virtual hiring event. Further, before advertising and marketing the event, it is better to conduct an a/b testing to detect loopholes and rectify them.

8.      Follow the schedule

Lastly, it is essential to stick to the schedule to execute the virtual hiring event successfully. Often, people lose track of time as this is entirely a virtual event. It should be kept in mind that people are busy and have hours to wait and waste time.

Final thoughts

Therefore, virtual hiring events have gained more popularity after the Covid-19 hit the world. Now that people have understood its advantages, it is sure to be practiced more. After the event, do not forget to follow up on the attendees at least once.

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