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5 Cube Brands You Should Consider Buying

A Rubik’s cube has been an integral part of the toy arena for quite a long time. No other toy, irrespective of the vast technological advancements that have taken place, could take the position of a simple and magnificent Rubik’s cube. 

The ideology and the development behind the Rubik’s cube was simple, it was to create and craft a cube-shaped twisty puzzle with various equal parts in it that are to be coordinated in a way such that all the pieces with a similar colour of small cubic parts are aligned on the same facet of the cube, which in turn forms an amazing cube with similar faces and parts. 

A Rubik’s cube is the brainchild of Erno Rubik and was developed in 1974. Interestingly the actual purpose behind the development of a Rubik’s cube was not to craft a twisty puzzle but to help children understand the idea of a three-dimensional figure. 

With the coming of a Rubik’s cube, various other different and unique twisty puzzles of higher and beginners level entered the market, thus marking a whole new arena of cubes. 

Rubik’s cube since its onset in the 1980s has stayed one of the most acclaimed and appreciated toys amongst children as well as adults. Although, people at times assume its simplicity by just looking at it, once tried, reaching its solution and completing the cube is definitely no cakewalk in any way. A Rubik’s cube poses a great hurdle to the mind and helps to create a stimulus making it active. 

Solving a Rubik’s cube is a hard nut to crack. With continuous practice of solving a Rubik’s cube an individual gains several benefits. 

With the numerous benefits of a Rubik’s cube, a Rubik’s cube has definitely won the hearts of millions of its users.

So, to help you venture on the journey of cubes, here are some of the brands that you should definitely consider buying your cubes from. 

  • DaYan cubes

A great manufacturer of cubes, especially speedcubes. DaYan cubes had its own era where it was a go to manufacturer for all the champions in speedcubing. They have produced one of the most interesting speedcubes in the world. Though many of their speedcubes have become outdated and obsolete, hands down the technique and the development process is hands down the best. 

  • GAN cubes

The speedcubing pioneer in China, GAN cubes is an emerging name in the world of cubes. With some of the best speed cubes in its bucket, GAN cubes has developed its brand as one of the most preferred brands for speedcubes in the world. Established in 2014 by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, GAN cubes has become a speedcubing specialist in a small amount of time. Moreover, the cubes by the brand are the best in its technological advancement and design, and hence most of their flagship products are a go to for major championships around the world. 

  • Cubelelo

India’s leading online store for all your cube related worries and needs, Cubelelo has emerged as a go-to destination for all the cubes and its accessories especially in India. A one-stop solution to all the cubing needs, whether it be the timer, best speed cubes in the market, lubricants, or any other, you’ll find it all on Cubelelo. The mission of Cubelelo is to bring the cubes of the best brands around the world to the Indian market and help India flourish in the world of cubes. 

  • MoYu cubes

A chinese brand, known for its bestselling speedcubes, MoYu brind nostalgia to people with their great and amazing speedcubes. The cubes by the brand have had a vast and long-lasting impact in the world of cubes. With their variety ranging from regular cubes to speedcubes, MoYu has made its mark in the world of cubes. 

  • QiYi cubes

Established in 2018, QiYi is a brand known for its innovation. A cube manufacturing brand in China, QiYi has established itself as one of the best cube brands in a small amount of time. The unique selling point of QiYi cubes is the budget friendly speedcubes that they manufacture. Speedcubes which don’t hurt the pocket and are also of great quality, isn’t it wonderful? Well! Thanks to QiYi for making it possible,

Apart from these amazing brands, there are also other brands which are equally popular for their cubes and ultimate modern design. These brands are Yuxin, ShengShou, and YJ. 

You can lay your hands on the speedcubes of any of the above brands and start with your speedcubing journey with one of the best speed cubes in the world. 

Unable to find the speed cubes by great brands such as above in the market? Well, no worries. Cuebelo is here to solve all your cube related worries. 

Cubelelo is India’s leading online cube store, and has best quality cubes from all the brands you could imagine. So, don’t wait and lay your hands on the perfect one. 

Happy cubing!

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