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DBT beneficiaries are going to have person-cum-purpose based e-rupi, digital payment solution


 A voucher based on QR code and SMS strings

e-rupi would be delivered to beneficiary’s mobiles as cashless and contactless instrument for digitally paying option.

It is promoted by PM Narendra Modi via video conference on 2 August, 2021.

PM MODI has been ahead in digital initiatives championship award.

The users using their apps getting plan-advances will be seamless one time payments mechanism to redeem their voucher.

What is the meaning of voucher and e-voucher ?

A piece of paper or set of information that can be used instead of money to pay for specific purposed payment.

For example if you want to buy something from the electronic platform like Amazon and Flipkart or any other commercial sites, you get a piece of of voucher that helps to buy something or a particular thing on the particular website or is  assigned for a particular subject only.

You can think a record of money paid that may be used to pay for particular goods and services.

E-voucher is electronically designed for the same purpose.

These vouchers would be like e-gift of which code will be shared through QR code or SMS.

It will work even beneficiary doesn’t have bank account or digital payment apps or a smart phone.

Who has developed e-voucher ?

It is developed by –





in combination.

It can be obtained or provided on Unified Payment Interface ( UPI ) platform.

e-RUPI  is going to play big role in Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT)  more effectively. Digital payment will make app users to spend their money in Government schemes to the same purpose what governance has defined.

That means Digital Transaction would be more consumer action specific. It will assist targeted group for trageted help, transparent and leakage free benefit delivery.

In last few years, Government has launched several plan and programmes for ensuring benefits reach. Concept of e-voucher is good vision of Good Governance.

Timely payment to beneficiaries without involement of intermediate means is pre-paid in nature without physical interface .

Expectation of revolutionary initiation ensures leakage-free delivery for welfare.

It may cover several schemes like-

*  Mother and her baby welfare schemes

*  T B eradication programmes

*  Drugs and diagnostics schemes including

Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (ABPMAY) as well as Fertilizer Subsedies etc.

 Private sectors also  can leverage this type of e-vouchers for their employees benefits and different Corprate Social Responsibilities schemes.

How many banks are engaged with e-RUPI ?

InfrasoftTech facilitates banks the e-RUPI Technology in implementation.

Its helps ranges from integration of presently available system to deployment according to beneficiaries’ targets.

Working in contemporaneous manner with 2  out of 11  live- banks with e-RUPI charecterstics. Eleven banks as given in picture below….

PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK and  BANK OF BARODA  are the banks in active mode.

In case of the hospitals have huge crowd,

since e-voucher is prepaid so completely secured. It can  transfer the cash in hospitals without requirement of handling with any effort in few steps.

So it is hasslefree plus contactless payment.

Vouchers are authorized by verification code that makes transaction easy and secured.

Over ₹17.5 lakh crore added by Goverenment so far  by DBT i.e. direct benefit transfer in about 300 schemes. Biggest advatage is saving 1.78  lakh crore from going in wrong hands.

This voucher initialive will advance the use of JAM i.e. JANDHAN-AADHAR-MOBILE syetem.

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